I am seeing a different camera in Surfline Sessions™. Can I select another camera?

It is possible that the Surfline app allocated your session to a different spot.
Another possibility is that when a spot has more than one camera, you prefer to see a different camera. You might have been out of frame for one camera, but in frame for the other.

When the session was allocated to a different spot
In order to change the Spot you surfed in the Surfline app, go to your session and tap “Edit” in the top right corner. You can then adjust the spot, and get different cam rewinds.

See this article for a full explanation: Why do I have Sessions Clips without me surfing in them?

When you prefer to see your wave on a different camera
Play the video clip of the wave you’d like to see. In the video frame there is a camera icon. Tap this icon to switch to a different camera.

For questions about the Surfline Sessions™ app it’s best to reach out to Surfline’s support team directly: support@surfline.com