The Surf Forecast is not loading on my Apple Watch

Make sure you have a valid Soul Surfer subscription. You can see whether you have a valid subscription on the App Store on your iPhone:

  • Open the App Store app on your phone
  • Click on your profile image
  • Click on “Subscriptions”

If you do, please check that your subscription works correctly on your iPhone. You can confirm this by going to a spot in the Spots section of the iPhone app, or by adding a Widget to your Home screen. If you see the forecast is loading, your subscription works correctly on the phone. However, if you see a “Become a Soul Surfer” message, something went wrong. Best is to tap on the Soul Surfer message and tap on RESTORE EARLIER PURCHASE. This will recover your subscription, you won’t be charged again.

Still experiencing problems?

  • Install the latest Dawn Patrol update on the App Store
  • Restart your Watch and Phone
  • Install the complications on your watch face if you haven’t already
  • Make sure your phone and watch are connected
  • On the Dawn Patrol app on your phone: Go to SETTINGS > FORECASTING and CHANGE the location to another spot or one of the metrics settings (feet/meter), which will trigger the data feed
  • Give it a few moments (max 5 min.) for the iPhone and Watch to synchronise data. Opening the Dawn Patrol app on your Apple Watch may speed up this process

This all above should force the Watch and Phone to exchange data and show you the tides. Please reach out to us if you need further assistance.