What do I get when I subscribe as a Soul Surfer?

The Soul Surfer Subscription upgrades your Apple Watch into a Full Surf Watch.

  • A full surf forecast on your Watch Face. We do support all complication types, so you can keep using your favourite Watch Face.
  • Configure your own perfect Surf Watch with our wide selection of surf forecasting complications
  • Actual surf forecasts on the Lock and Home screens of your phone using our Widgets. You’ll need iOS 14 or higher to use these widgets.
  • In-depth wave analytics. See your speed development along the waves for all of your waves and learn to understand why you just keep missing that nasty section.
  • Actual tide while you’re surfing. Know when it’s time to get in!
  • An overview of your waves on a tidal chart. Get to know your local beach better by understanding at which tides you surfed the best waves