WALLIEN Wetsuits X Dawn Patrol

Why we love WALLIEN

Here at Dawn Patrol we pride ourselves on being an inclusive company. Our passion (aside from making the greatest surf tracking app) is sharing the stoke for the ocean and wave riding for everyone. We also care for our playground (the ocean) and love to partner with brands who share these values. That’s why we chose to work with WALLIEN, sustainable design choices for women’s wetsuits!


Founded in Amsterdam by siblings Madeleine and Olivier Wallien. The WALLIEN brand represents their love for water sports, the planet and design. Their mission is to make female first surf wear. Combining an excellent functionality with a superb fit, unique designs and sustainable design choices. Meticulously designed for women, by women.

Nikki van Dijk & WALLIEN

Nikki van Dijk is an Australian pro surfer, is WALLIEN’s Team Rider and Brand Ambassador. 

By combining Nikki’s advanced surf experience with their unique designs and eco-friendly super flex materials. WALLIEN has created a collection that offers maximum surf performance and awesome looks.

“As surfers, we enter the ocean appreciating and respecting its power and forever changing capabilities. I’m taking it back to my Dutch heritage by partnering with WALLIEN, based in the Netherlands. I hope you enjoy this stylish and sustainable line as much as I do.” Nikki van Dijk

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