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Dawn Patrol converts your Apple watch into the ultimate surf watch.
With surf tracking, wave counting and distance measuring capabilities, plus all you need to do is lift your wrist for a full surf report.
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Relive your surf sessions

Track your surf and count your waves with the Dawn Patrol app. You can measure your distance surfed, your waves caught, paddling and your water time. Our Apple Watch app syncs to your phone so you can analyse your surf sessions, understand and adapt your surfing to suit your favourite spot and surfboard. Plus you can share your best waves on your socials! #dawnpatrolapp.


The ultimate surf watch

Our official Dawn Patrol Watch Faces - Modular and Infograph - give you the  surf forecast on your wrist. Or you can design your own. Our customisable complications report wind direction, water temperature, tidal charts, swell size and direction and water level. Design your perfect surf watch.

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What surfers are saying
a person surfing a large wave with Mavericks, California in the background

“I use Dawn Patrol in big waves, I’m always curious as to how fast we go dropping down the face. My fastest speed to date was 40.7mph at Jaws.“

Ridge Lenny
five stars

“I really love using the Dawn Patrol app as it allows me to make my training super specific and helps me progress even quicker. “

Alys Barton
five starsa man surfing on a wave
a person holding a surfboard

“Using dawn patrol improved not only my performance with surf tracking but also my enjoyment with forecasting!”

Cooper Chapman
five stars

“Dawn Patrol is the best and most precise surf tracking app on the market. It’s great to relive those special moments and analyse waves. Great work!!“

Nienke Duinmeijer
five starsa person carrying a surfboard on the beach
a man carrying a surfboard

“Is a very cool app!! I keep a daily surf log. It allows me to keep a tally of how many times I surf at each surf spot. I know exactly when to surf and where is going to be best from the data I collect.”

five stars

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