As surfers ourselves,
we’re always searching
for that stoked feeling.

The one thing that has always remained is the team’s stoke for surfing and their love for the ocean.

From passion, to idea, to product.

We wanted to create an app that helps surfers get to that indescribable feeling in every moment of the surf experience from checking the forecast to re-living the session.

So why did we make an app?

Well, we love surfing and we love technology. People say that nature and technology are at odds, but we had a different idea. We believed we could create an app that makes the surf experience better, by transforming an Apple Watch into a fully functioning surf watch.

founder and

This is Anton. He’s from the frigid coastline of the Netherlands, but now he’s based in Cornwall in the UK.

Anton loves surfing. He also loves tech. One day he thought, ‘how can I use modern technology to make myself better at surfing and enhance the overall experience?’

This seed of an idea led to Dawn Patrol - a free app you can download for your Apple Watch and iPhone. It tracks your waves, speed, where you caught the wave from, wave count, and even the calories you burned during a session.

a man in a wet suit in the water

Our business ethos

At Dawn Patrol we believe in showing real life surfing stories, we are proud to distinguish ourselves from other surf brands by showing the real world, the reality, the stoke. We love that our ambassadors, partner brands and users share this value with us and we strive to grow our business with this essence at the core.

By being committed to showing the true Soul Surfer in people, whoever they are, where-ever they are from, allows us to show the inclusivity in our sport and focusses on what surfing brings to you, your life, your mental health and your community.

Sustainability.the planet, our playground

Global warming, plastic pollution, overfishing, noise disturbance, coastal erosion, shipping pollution....

All issues we can no longer avoid. We all know about the environmental problems affecting our oceans. As surfers the ocean is our playground, and we are very aware of humans impact on the ocean, we care deeply about making changes.

We know the start of this is about driving awareness and education. You may notice in some of our content and partnerships we shout about these problems. Our care for the ocean is a very important value for us and sharing this with our users is important.


When we create partnerships with other companies we always aim to match our brand values with theirs, especially when it comes to sustainability! If we produce ourselves or ship products through partners, we follow the general rule of zero plastic! Our clothing is always made from organic fabrics, never wrapped in plastic, as well as being fully recyclable.

Our privacy principle

We are incredibly proud that Dawn Patrol is an ethical organisation when it comes to your data. We highly value the privacy of our users. And never share any privacy sensitive data with others without your explicit consent. You can read more about this in our privacy policy here.

the team
a man surfing on the waves

Anton has a passion for designing and developing apps, but above all things Anton loves surfing. The idea for Dawn Patrol was born when Anton wanted to share these passions with fellow surfers. When Apple launched the Apple Watch Series 2. Anton made it his life’s mission to see whether he could create an app that would tell you more about the waves you surfed. If you ask Anton about the best thing about his job at Dawn Patrol it is the testing part, so he can paddle out and call it 'working'....

a man surfing on a wave

Infused by all things surfing, James’ passion for marketing matches that of his surfing. James handles all of the marketing, partnerships and PR related activities at Dawn Patrol. From product development and brand identity to business and charity integrations. Want to chat about partnerships? Speak to James.

a man giving a thumbs up

A surfer by lifestyle Dennis is a co-founder of Dawn Patrol. Dennis is responsible for Dawn Patrol's backend, this means our code, infrastructure and database…. All the fun stuff!!While not a self proclaimed surfer Dennis’ surf trips are primarily to Portugal which he enjoys with his wife and two children. If Dennis isn’t behind a screen he can usually be found hiking or somewhere in the outdoors.

a man taking a selfie on a beach

Yassin’ passion for helping people and exceeding their expectations is the reason he’s our resident support expert! Additionally Yassin helps with product development and adds a huge amount of value to your experience as a Dawn Patrol user. In need of help, head to our support page.


Paul’s 2 passions (some may call addictions) are surfing and software engineering. Helping develop Dawn Patrol is a match made in heaven. Paul contributes to the design and development of the app. Although born and raised in Ireland, Paul is now based in Ericeira, Portugal where he gets to surf all year round in warmer waters than he was reared on.


As a surfer and all round data enthusiast Daniel has become an integral part of the team. After joining Dawn Patrol to help implement our paddle tracking function, Daniel’s expertise in machine learning helps us to maximise the technology we have available and ever increase our apps accuracy. Daniel is currently working on various algorithmic solutions that will help develop Dawn Patrol.


Nick grew up in one of the flattest states in the US and is trying to make up for lost time in the water/nature. He is a full stack engineer that helps out some on both ends when he's not "charging" any ~1.5m wave outside of Lisbon.

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