Video analysis with Dawn Patrol and Surfline

Dawn Patrol knows that analysing the data from your surf can help you improve your surfing. It’s kind of what we do. But we wanted to take it one step further, so we partnered with Surfline Sessions™. Surfline Sessions™ creates a video of every wave you ride in front of a Surfline camera and then sends it to your iPhone. Just connect your Dawn Patrol account to your Surfline App, check the cam locations, and go surf right in front of the camera. View your rides instantly after your surf with Dawn Patrol x Surfline Sessions™.

What you need

  • Both the Dawn Patrol and Surfline apps downloaded to your iPhone. You can get these on the App Store.
  • An account on both apps (Surfline and Dawn Patrol).

Once you have the above, follow these steps to connect accounts:

  • Open Dawn Patrol and tap the avatar/profile picture at the top of the screen.
  • Tap the “Connect with Surfline” button.
  • Enter your Surfline account email and password.
  • Read and acknowledge the data sharing agreement.
  • After this step, all your previous Dawn Patrol sessions will sync to Surfline and any sessions tracked within the previous 5 days in front of a Surfline cam will generate your Sessions Clips!
  • Go surfing with Dawn Patrol on your Apple Watch. All of your surf sessions will sync to Surfline and any waves in front of a Surfline cam will generate in clips for you.

The synchronization process will automatically take place once your Dawn Patrol session is visible in Dawn Patrol app.
Your Sessions data should be immediately available, but if it isn’t, please refer to our Support. The Sessions syncing process of uploading your videos can sometimes take up to five minutes, but (we like to think) that in the time you’re done taking off your wetsuit, you’ll have clips ready to watch and share!

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