Alazne Aurrekoetxea | Soul Surfer Series

Alazne, tell us a bit about yourself.

"Hello, yes, I'm Alazne Aurrekoetxea from the Basque country of Spain. I grew up in a quaint rural town blessed with spectacular cliffs and beaches. Raised by nature-loving parents, I spent much of my youth immersed in the sea. In my hometown, surfing was a prominent part of the community, so it was only natural that I followed suit.

My father, a passionate surfer, guided me through catching my first wave. Despite my initial fear of water, nurtured by early karate training, I eventually embraced surfing at the age of 11. That first wave remains unforgettable, marking the beginning of my deep connection to the sport. Surfing became my world, offering sensations unmatched by any other activity.

Today, the sea is my home, and I indulge in various forms of surfing: shortboard, SUP surf, and longboard. Each holds a special place in my heart, adapting to the ever-changing sea conditions. While I currently focus on professional stand-up paddle surfing, I initially competed with a shortboard.

Stand-up paddle surfing offers unique advantages, allowing for earlier wave catches and providing a rigorous workout with the added benefit of paddle-assisted maneuvers.

Surfing has not only shaped me as an athlete but also as a person, instilling values of respect and fostering an appreciation for our environment. Life without the sea is unimaginable.

My proudest achievement to date is becoming European SUP Surf Champion and competing on the world circuit alongside the best SUP surfers globally. While competitive success is fulfilling, the real triumph lies in living out my passion every day.

Looking ahead, my goals include striving for the world championship title while continuing to contribute to environmental initiatives. Small actions can lead to significant changes, and I am committed to preserving our planet.

In my training regime, Dawn Patrol is indispensable. It allows me to simulate competition rounds, analyzing wave conditions and performance metrics. The detailed insights provided by the app, such as wave speed and calories burned, enhance my training experience. Moreover, using Dawn Patrol as a surf diary provides invaluable insights for improvement. I'm truly addicted to its features and grateful for its role in my journey as a surfer."

Wow! Stoked to have you on board and surfing with Team Dawn Patrol.

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