How did the Apple Watch conquer surfing!?

Obviously we are biased but we know the Apple Watch is without any doubt the best watch for surfing that is currently available. With it’s on-board GPS and the fact that it’s water resistant makes it a perfect device to track your surf in the water.

And the quality of the Watch is impeccable. Big bodies of water (like an ocean) and GPS radio frequencies don’t often go very well together. But after three years of Dawn Patrol, the Apple Watch has proven to be the perfect tracking device for when you’re out in the surf. The GPS works just fine in the surf. With it’s heart rate sensor and motion sensors the Apple Watch can even calculate the calories you burn while you’re in the water. And that is a lot of calories when you surf!

The always-on full-color display also makes it the most beautiful surf watch out there. The Watch face is completely configurable, and you can install “complications” on the Watch Face. A “complication” is in fact a mini app, some sort of widget that you can add to your Watch Face screen. When you lift your wrist you see these complications alongside the time of the Watch. With Dawn Patrol we offer a tidal complication, so you can see the tides of your favourite surf beach. In combination with other complications that Apple offers, like wind speeds and moon phases you can configure the watch to be the perfect surf watch for you.

Configure your Watch Face on Apple Watch to create your own personal Surf Watch
.Chris from Stoked for Travel explains on his blog why Apple Watch is the perfect surf watch for him But of course Dawn Patrol is not just for professionals, in fact it is the perfect app for recreational surfers who just want to capture their memories of their great times in the water. Vivid surfer and blogger Read the full article on GQ AustraliaDawn Patrol on the Apple Watch is used by both recreational as well as professional surfers all around the world. Australian professional surfer Cooper Chapman recently told GQ Australia how he uses Dawn Patrol for during his training. Configure your Watch Face on Apple Watch to create your own personal Surf Watch

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