‘The Planet Is Our Priority’ Cariuma®

Here at Dawn Patrol we are extremely passionate about building the very best surf tracking app on the market. We are also surfers. Surfers who love the planet and our playground… The Ocean.

We believe that sustainable brands will lead the world into a cleaner, greener future.  One of these brands is Cariuma®, a revolutionary sneaker brand from Brazil. From production to shipping, Cariuma® care about making their sneakers with the smallest footprint possible. They are committed to continuously improve and evolve their practices to be greener than they were the day before.

Cariuma® do this by:

  • Using ethical factories
  • Carbon neutral shipping
  • Using cleaner leather
  • By only using recycled and recyclable packaging
  • Hand making every pair of shoes
  • Obtaining only natural premium materials

As well as this Cariuma® also pledge to plant two trees in the Brazilian rain forest for every pair of shoes purchased!

The Cariuma® brand caught our attention when we saw their brand values aligned with ours. Cariuma also offer shoes which when purchased directly help our playground…The Ocean. Cariuma’s collaboration with 4ocean allows them to offer their lowest impact sneakers. These shoes offer a soft, sock-like IBI upper in knit using 100% recycled plastics, coupled with a featherweight sugarcane EVA outsole. And for every pair sold*, 4ocean’s professional captains + crews will remove 2lbs of trash from our oceans and coastlines. *Please note the 4ocean sneakers are made-to-order. Cariuma® offer no returns or exchanges.

Think Green! Cariuma® will plant two trees in The Brazilian Rain Forest for Every Pair Purchased. Shop Now!

Plus you can obtain FREE express shipping when ordering your pair of Cariuma® sneakers by using the code PAIRUP

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