Can I delete a wave or a complete surf session?

Yes you can. On your iPhone open the surf session on the map. Now in the bottom panel you see your session summary. Use the “…” icon to delete the session.

To delete a wave, select the concerning wave on the map. You can also swipe this bottom panel to “page” through the waves you surfed during that session. To delete a wave, select the concerning wave and use the “…” icon.

How can I synchronize surf sessions from the Apple Watch to my iPhone?

Make sure that after you finished your surf, you “STOP” the surf session on your Watch. The synchronization will then happen automatically when your Apple Watch is within reach with your iPhone.

Still not synchronizing? Make sure your Apple Watch and iPhone are connected. You can do this by swiping up from the bottom on the home screen of your Watch. A green iPhone icon indicates your Watch is connected, a red icon indicates it’s not connected or paired correctly.

If you’re experiencing connection or pairing problems with your Apple Watch or iPhone, please read more instructions on the Apple Support page.

Image of a disconnected Apple Watch  Image of a connected Apple Watch

My heart rate and calories burned are not being measured or stored. How do I activate that?

Possibly you did not give Dawn Patrol access to this data. In order to do so:
– Open the “Health” app on your iPhone.
– Click on your Profile Picture in the top-right
– Scroll down to “Privacy” and tap on “Apps”
– Allocate and tap on “Dawn Patrol”.
– Now make sure all categories are ON on this screen. Dawn Patrol will start to measure and register your heart rate, calories burned and other health information.


I am getting a new iPhone! 🎉
How can I transfer my Dawn Patrol data no my new phone?

Make sure your old iPhone is logged in in the Dawn Patrol app. You can log in using your email address or using Facebook. Log in with the same account on your new iPhone, and your data will automatically synchronize.

If you don’t want to log in you can simply restore a backup of your old phone to your new phone, and your Dawn Patrol data will be transfered.

Do you want to make sure your Health and Activity data also is transfered to your new phone? Switch on “Health” app date in iCloud settings on your iPhone or use iTunes backups. (see Apple’s support page)

The Watch doesn’t seem to synchronize my surf sessions back to my iPhone

Check the version of Dawn Patrol that is running on your Watch. Is this the same version number that’s running on your iPhone? To find out the version numbers, open the App on your iPhone and go to Settings > About Dawn Patrol. If you find out your Watch is running a different version, please perform the following steps to force an update of the Dawn Patrol software on your Watch:

  1. Open the “Watch” app on your iPhone
  2. Open the “My Watch” tab and scroll down and tap Dawn Patrol
  3. Toggle the switch “Show App on Apple Watch” and confirm by looking on your Watch that the Watch app is reinstalling.

Image of step 2 top update the Dawn Patrol software on your Apple Watch  Image of step 3 top update the Dawn Patrol software on your Apple Watch

I paddled out and it seems some of my waves were not recorded

Have you tried adjusting the sensitivity setting? Sometimes changing the sensitivity to slower waves can help…

Having said that, we do rely on the GPS information the device you use in the water provides. Most of the times this works well, but in some beaches or some occasions the GPS info is less accurate than others. With every release we improve the app and the accuracy of the measurements. We keep learning from the data we’re getting onwards.

Soul Surfers

How do I get the tides on my Watch Face?

  • Press the Digital Crown to go to the Watch Face.
  • Firmly press the display.
  • Swipe left or right to choose your favourite Watch Face, then tap Customize.
  • Swipe all the way to the left. You can now select the position where you want the Dawn Patrol complication to appear
  • Use the digital crown to scroll through the available complications and select DAWN PATROL

Please note: For tidal data you need to have a Soul Surfer subscription.
After you installed the complication on your Watch face, it may take several minutes for the complication to load the tidal data. Sometimes this can be forced by tapping the complication (which will open the app) or by changing the “Tide settings” in the app (i.e. change the water level unit)

Check out this little video showing how to set it up
For more info see this article: Change the watch face on your Apple Watch

Why does my Watch say “3’4 • Unknown”?

This line is supposed to tell you the Tide.
The water level is 3’4. “Unknown” is the Name of the spot.

This is likely to be a spot you have surfed before, but haven’t given a name yet.
You can name your spots by opening the app on your phone and then go to “Spots.
Find the spot called “Unknown” and give it a name that you know or make sense to you.

TIP: After doing so, you might need to open the app on your Watch, so that the Spot name will be transfered over to your Watch.

How do I get the Tide Widget on the Today screen of my phone?

  • Go to the lock screen of your phone
  • Swipe right to open the Today Screen
  • Scroll all the way down, below the Widgets you will see an “Edit” button. Tap this button
  • Find the Dawn Patrol Tides Widget in the list and tap the “+” button to add the widget
  • Now drag the Dawn Patrol Tide widget to the desired position (we like it at the top 😝) and tap “DONE”

Please note: For tidal data you need to have a Soul Surfer subscription.
For more info see this article: Use widgets on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

What do I get when I subscribe as a Soul Surfer?

The Soul Surfer Subscription upgrades your Apple Watch into a Full Surf Watch.

  • The actual tide while you’re surfing. Know when it’s time to get in!
  • In-depth wave analytics. See your speed development along the waves for all of your waves and learn to understand why you just keep missing that nasty section.
  • The actual tide as a complication on your Watch Face. We do support all complication types, so you can keep using your favourite Watch Face.
  • Actual tidal information on the Today screen of your phone
  • An overview of your waves on a tidal chart. Get to know your local beach better by understanding at which tides you surfed the best waves

Surfline Sessions

How do I connect my Surfline account to Dawn Patrol?

You can now connect your Surfline account to your Dawn Patrol account.
When you do so, you can watch your waves back on the Surfline’s cam rewinds.
Make sure to surf in front of a Surfline webcam!

This is how you connect your Surfline account to Dawn Patrol:

  • Make sure you are logged in with your Dawn Patrol account
  • Tap on your profile image in the bottom bar
  • Tap on Connect to Surfline
  • A screen to Sign In opens. This is a Surfline screen, sign in with your Surfline account and your Surfline password.
  • Give your consent to share your Dawn Patrol waves to Surfline, and your done

Happy surfing! Share your best rewind clips that you surfed with Dawn Patrol! #dawnpatrolapp

Which App should I use in the Water after I connected my Surfline account?

You can continue to use Dawn Patrol as your favourite Surf Tracker app in the water on your Apple Watch. We will synchronize the waves you surf into your Surfline account. You will be able to view your rewind clips on the Surfline app on your phone.

I am seeing a different camera in Surfline Sessions™. Can I select another camera?

It is possible that the Surfline app allocated your session to a different spot.
Another possibility is that when a spot has more than one camera, you prefer to see a different camera. You might have been out of frame for one camera, but in frame for the other.

When the session was allocated to a different spot
In order to change the Spot you surfed in the Surfline app, go to your session and tap “Edit” in the top right corner. You can then adjust the spot, and get different cam rewinds.

See this article for a full explanation: Why do I have Sessions Clips without me surfing in them?

When you prefer to see your wave on a different camera
Play the video clip of the wave you’d like to see. In the video frame there is a camera icon. Tap this icon to switch to a different camera.

For questions about the Surfline Sessions™ app it’s best to reach out to Surfline’s support team directly: support@surfline.com

I have a question about the Surfline app. How can I reach out to Surfline?

For questions about Surfline Sessions™ it’s best to reach out to Surfline’s support team directly: support@surfline.com