Dawn Patrol x Surfline Sessions™

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Dawn Patrol has collaborated with Surfline to bring you the biggest ever surfing/technology crossover. Endorsed by surfers such as Nathan Florence, Guy Kawasaki and Kevin Schulz, Surfline Sessions allow surfers to rewind on their greatest surf sessions.

Dawn Patrol users will now not only be able to monitor tides, track and analyse their surf but also rewatch every wave caught in front of a Surfline beach camera.

Your session

Connect your Surfline account Dawn Patrol, paddle out in view of any of Surfline’s 500+ camera spots and you’ll receive individual clips of each of your wave by the time you are out of your wetsuit. (If you’re really keen you could pop out and analyse your surf as you go!). You will require a Surfline subscription and the Surfline app to view your rewind clips.

Review your clips and share your waves with the friends who never woke up for the Dawn Patrol! On social media, tag us and use the hashtags #DawnPatrolApp & #SurflineSessions in your story to be featured.

Connecting your Surfline account to your Dawn Patrol account

Connecting your Surfline account to your Dawn Patrol account is easy.

  1. Make sure you are logged in on the Dawn Patrol app
  2. Go to your account
  3. Click on “Connect With Surfline”
  4. A surfline login screen will now be shown. Log in with your Surfline username and password
  5. On the following screen authorize Dawn Patrol, and you’re all set to go!

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Capture your rides on video with Surfline Sessions™/Dawn Patrol

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